Moonlight Exports, It is located in the Sarai Tarin District Sambhal this city also admired as the birth place of Horn & Bone Handicrafts, People here doing this worked since 1960, most of Rajasthan bone worked transfer from here Moonlight Exports are doing every kind of our Handicrafts, Home Decorative, Furniture, Bar Accessories, House ware & Gifts product which is offered with the best design. We follow some process of manufacturing which makes it able to afford the necessity of beauty good looking as well as comfort which must be very great requirement of everyone who want to decorate their living place properly.

There must be kind of standard about manufacturing process which should be followed for assuring that the product has the quality which can be suitable with expectation of the customers since it will also influence the price of the product. The producer of course should make sure the process should be accomplished correctly for ensuring the buyer satisfaction

About Our Past

Moonlight Exports has heritage in the Horn, Bone, and Wood products manufacturing. Our grandfather started this business long before and we owned this business from him. We have given new direction to our grandfather business, and Moonlight Exports has built in 2005 by us. We start visiting other countries and start to develop business there. Now we are doing business in various countries. Our Major Markets, is USA, South Africa, Australia, China, South Korea, U.K. Turkey and other European Unions Now Moonlight exports is focusing worldwide

Little About Our Factory

We have Our Own Manufacturing Unit it is Located in Gunghawli Behjoi Road Sambhal. We are backed by contemporary infrastructure that provides the framework of our progress and growth. Our ultra-modern manufacturing unit is equipped with all the latest machines and facilities. We have all requisite resources, and thus we can fulfil even bulk orders easily.

All safety equipment is already installed in the factory. We have pollution control system, also Factory has Fire and Pollution NOC. Our Factory is Fully Compliance. We take care of small –small needs of our workers & Employees


“Time is money” and our company totally understands this phrase. We understand the value of time, and are dedicated to make deliveries to agreed destinations within predetermined time frame. This has been possible because of our excellent transportation and logistics services.


By providing quality product and having experienced knowledge of the market, we have been able to attain huge client base.